MUSIC - 2023


Folder of Random Junk 2023: A collection of songs for 2023 that never made it into anything else. Just whatever I felt like making at that time.
Tracks: 20

The Heart Opens Up: Second half of a double album. The Heart Opens Up was much lighter in intensity than its other half, The Organs Shut Down. It was also a rock album as opposed to digital hardcore.
Genre: rock, grunge
Tracks: 9

The Organs Shut Down: First half of a double album. An intense, screamy digital hardcore in-your-face mess. It has some of my most intense screaming yet !! Also notable for being the first album including my face on the cover.
Genre: digital hardcore, drum and bass, metal
Tracks: 11

Pesticide: A better version of CatCore 666. Includes some guitar here and there, but mostly synths and pads.
Genre: rock, electronic, digital hardcore, breakcore
Tracks: 8

elizabeth drinks a can of redbull: A single with a video of Elizabeth the dead cat dancing !!
Genre: drum and bass, rave
Tracks: 1 (instrumental)

Hummingbirds: An album I've always wanted to make ! A sort of interesting atmosphere to this one, semi-grunge, semi-rock, I dunno really. But still, I finally got to make it !!
Genre: rock, grunge, industrial
Tracks: 7

Catcore 666: A sequel to CATCORE and MOUSE-FELINE from years prior ! Basically the same thing.
Genre: breakcore, digital hardcore
Tracks: 5

Shuffle Selection Vol. 2: Volume 2 of a series best played on shuffle.
Tracks: 9

Trojan Horse / Blue Screen of Death: Two singles that, for the first time, used VCV Rack to make. Themed around computers, and with the second song (Blue Screen of Death) trying to imitate the sound of a computer crashing with the vocals, it was a fun experiment.
Genre: industrial
Tracks: 2

The Music Archives of Elizabeth: A large collection of various archived songs I've made over the years. Stuff that's never seen the light of day. Wowie !
Tracks: 37