MUSIC - 2019 - 2021


Ghost of the Century: This was meant as a fresh start. No more half-assed releases, I'd spend more time on them from here on out.
Genre: rock, metal
Tracks: 8

Genre: breakcore
Tracks: 7

Songs To Die To: Ambient album where each song had its own art and snippet of a short story. I only wrote a short paragraph for each.
Genre: ambient, noise
Tracks: 6 (2 bonus) (instrumental)

Old Love: Something I called, at the time, "liquid breakcore." Basically liquid drum and bass, but with breakcore elements. Lots of videogame influence here, dreamy pads, heavy drums, lush soundscapes, the works.
Genre: liquid breakcore
Tracks: 10 (instrumental)

MOUSE-FELINE: The first album I did where I used my "new" voice, so to speak. Neato.
Genre: breakcore, industrial
Tracks: 8